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Staying Healthy in a Toxic World

June 15, 2017 10:44 AM | Anonymous

By Karen Schembari,  Wellness Educator, Schembari Family Wellness

I often hear others say, our world is not the same as we were kids. It is so true. The toxins that our grandparents were exposed to in their life time, the average American can be exposed to in one day!  That means that there are toxins are everywhere around us! We use them in our gardens, to clean our houses, to paint our walls ,to take care of our cars, they are in our furniture,  and in the dyes in our clothes. We paint them on our nails, we color our hair with them.  They are in the containers we store our food in. We breathe them in our air freshners that we use in our bathrooms, in our cars. We wash and dry our clothes with them.

We eat them in our processed foods.  We drink them in our water and during our showers. They basically are in every aspect of our lives.  From the moment we are born to the moment we are at our final resting place,  we are bombarded with Toxins.

Chronic exposure to these chemicals adds to our body’s “toxic burden” which is the number of chemicals stored in its tissues at a given time.

As Reported by the National Safety Council   :      

There are more children under four die of accidental poisonings at home than are accidentally killed with guns at home.”

The health problems caused by each toxin can be short term or long term.

Here are some of the toxins found in our homes:

A.     The Kitchen: Non stick cook ware

it has PFOA (perfluorinated chemicals).  The toxins are released at high temperatures. (Recomendation: replace with ceramic or glass)

B.     Living Rooms and Bed rooms:Pressed wood furniture and Fabric.  They have Formaldehyde in them.  Reactions are fatigue, Skin rashes, and allergic reactions.

C.     Flame retardant chemicals in household upholstery , your mattress, television and computer housings. They have PBDE in them.  They have been linked to altered thyroid levels, decreased fertility and numerous development problems when exposed in utero.

Since we spend about 1/3 of our life in Bed, this is a significant health concern. Recommendation: Look for 100 percent wool,  and  toxin free matresses. 

Some simple ways we can do to reduce unnecessary chemical exposure !

  • eat mostly raw fresh foods and stay away from  pre-packaged foods
  • Buy and eat as much as possible organic produce, free-range and organic foods to reduce exposure to pesticides and fertilizers
  • Store food in glass and not plastic, avoid canned foods ( they are lined with BPA)
  • Test your home tap water, install an appropriate water filter on all your facets( showers too).
  • Switch to natural toiletries, Health and Beauty Aide products in your home.  The environment Working Group has a great DataBase to help you find personal care products that are free of  potentially dangerous chemicals. Young Living also offers a skin care and personal care product line that is free of these chemicals. See my display for my ingredients.
  • Avoid using artificial air fresheners, dryer sheets, fabric softeners and other fabricated fragrances
  • Use only Natural Cleaning products in your Home. Those that have citrus Essential oils, are helpful in reducing the use of chemicals.

Karen Schembari
Young Living Essential Oil Business Owner
Non Toxic Products for you and your home!
Enroller/sponsor #791841


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